We provide range of technology services

Startup Product Development

We have team who can develop your IT product end to end starting from requirement analysis to live product.Read More »

Big data & AI

We offer solutions to implement big data and AI into business which can benifit business growth.Read More »

DevOps & Cloud

We will automate your IT development operations and setup processes which will makes sure that all code which goes into production is stable, reliable and secure.Read More »

Internet Of Things (IOT)

We can build embedded application, leverage sensor data and generate valuable insights for your firm. We offer end to end IOT solutions.Read More »


We offer automated chatbot development and integration with your IT infrastructure. Read More »

Database Administration

We offer database migration, high availibility and disaster recovery solutions for various databases.Read More »

Ecommerce development

We will help you with technology to boost your ecommerce store with your various technological solutions.Read More »

Dedicated developer

We offer a dedicated team model where expert developers having more than 4 years of relevant experience will work on your project.Read More »

Why us ?

Similar to IT consulting companies we consult enterprises and startups to implement technology solutions. However, one thing which keeps up apart from other firms is our aproach of consulting. We always start project with project end result in mind. We suggest and implement best solutions after deep analysis of business case, timeline and client ROI.

Focus on business growth

We belive in IT consulting where business grows. We start our project with your business growth in mind and ulitize technology in a way which will deliver business growth and efficiency.





Use Cutting edge technologies

We organise sessions from industry experts who guides our team on new market trends, new technologies and effective ways to solve business problems. We get insights from R&D(Research & Development) team and industry experts about cutting edge technologies and we utilize them in our project to get higher business ROI


Lower cost due to small and effective teams

We belive in small but effective IT teams. Small teams costs less and achieves good results. Automation and best utilization of technology is key to achive good results compare to have bigger teams who does repeated work. Guerrilla warfare is our inspiration to achive great results.


Dedicated R&D Unit of Excellence

We have R&D(Research & Development) team who keep on doing research on cutting edge technologies and expands our consulting portfolio technologies. Our expertise in technology can be utilized across all core and major units of business such as sales, marketing, operations etc.

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We can help you end to end

We have served clients around the world starting from Startup to Enterprise. We are solution experts and can help you in technology at any stage.

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